When else to see your vet ?

Between annual exams, be on the lookout for any signs your pet is having health problems. Significant changes in weight, elimination problems, coughing, vomiting and changes in behaviour could all be signs that your pet needs an extra visit to the vet.

A serious accident or injury will also demand a special visit to the vet, as should your pet’s ingestion of a poisonous substance. If you are unsure about whether or not your pet’s condition requires a special visit, call and ask.

It’s important to remember that dogs age at much faster rate than humans – the rule of thumb is that one human year equal approximately seven “dog” years – which means an annual physical exam is actually a once-every-seven-years exam. Veterinary experts recommend that once dogs pass middle age – about age six in people years — twice yearly visits are a good idea to ensure early detection and treatment of problems.