Pet Boarding

We provide boarding services for your pets. Our facility at Petcare is air-conditioned, with soothing piped-in music during the day.

• For cats the boarding fees in RM40.00 per cat per night. A comfortable stay at larger deluxe cages (one or two level ‘condo’) is also available for cats at RM60.00 per day.

• For dogs the boarding fees range from RM 40.00 to RM 70.00, depending on the size of the dog. Dogs are taken for walks twice a day.

At Petcare, we are very particular about cleanliness, immunization of pets and parasite control. We have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all the animals in our care, and so we require that every guest-pet be vaccinated against certain serious, contagious diseases. We recommend updating your pet’s vaccines a week or two in advance of your visit to ensure maximum protection for your own pet as well as others. Documentary proof of immunization is required at the time of admission. All pets also have to be de-ticked and de-flead before admission to our facility. Dogs staying for more than 2 weeks will be given a shampoo bath at no extra cost. Regular grooming (brushing, combing) is carried out for long-haired pets. It is highly advisable to make prior reservation during peak periods like festive holidays, school holidays etc. to board your pets at Petcare.

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